ERP Solution

Ardent Softwares, provides expertise and suitable ERP solution that will enhance your project despite the size, targeting customer base offering wide services with various Products, offerings end to end ERP implementation projects. Our services add value through collaborative approaches to the key stakeholders involved in the ERP project. Our IT team will assist you in the implementation and deployment of the solution.

  • College & School Management Solution  
  • Library Management Solution  
  • Document Management Solution
  • Accounting Solution
  • I-Tax Solution  
  • Forex Solution  
  • Order & Inventory Solution
  • Purchase Solution  
  • Accounting Solution
  • Production Solution
  • CRM Solution  
  • HRMS Solution
  • Sub Contract Solution
  • Pharmacy Solution
  • Hospital Management Solution
  • Banking Solution
  • Restaurant Management Solution 
  • Email Marketing Solution etc.